Ark-Company not only makes production in the works it has taken, but also makes the necessary project works in order to reach the aesthetical results in terms of business, profitable in terms of designer and designer.

In this context, it creates the most appropriate detail solutions and performs the productions that will work smoothly for many years.


Ark-Company also performs turnkey applications of the fine works in the projects it undertakes with its experienced architectural staff. Apart from furniture, from curtains to wall paper, from ceramic to plasterboard, all disciplines are removed from a single hand to facilitate the work of the employer and at the same time to achieve this harmoniously means to increase the quality as well as shorten the application time.


It is possible to produce any desired design in 3D by combining art and technology, experience and technical knowledge.

Our design directors, consisting of sculptors and painters, 3D machine track, CNC foam cutting robots, 3D design and drawing team, 3D product scanners, lighting and led integrated department, steel construction and static team, and 3D improved styrofoam coating materials team, provide you a very short time will offer the product you want.