Vision & Mission

The major mission under which Ark-Company performs is; to provide the best services and products to meet customers demand anywhere and at anytime. Our vision targets the diversification of Ark-Company services globally. Nevertheless securing customer satisfaction at all times. Quality Policy is a core principle under which we operate our business providing; trustworthy, innovative, responsible and dedicated customer focused services.

Ark-Company Politics

Ark-Company thrives in its ownership of ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 certification as well as adept knowledge and research in new technologies and International works. The aid of modern technological facilities and advanced hi-tech paved the way for Ark-Company to achieve success in numerous projects and fields including Architecture, Construction, Interior and Outdoor Lighting, Furniture, Landscape Interior and Outdoor, City Furnitures, Led Displays, LCD Videowall Projects, Broadcasting Systems Turnkey. High quality standards, safe work environment and professional work follow up from start to finish; these are the quality politics we offer to guarantee our customers satisfaction. The assessment of environmental, risk analysis, threat identification, assessment and minimization are all core guidelines Ark-Company highly regards and abides by. Our professional and diverse team is on constant professional development and update with international rules, standards and work; improving our development simultaneously every day.

Messagge From CEO

The Construction and Architecture profession guided us to handle a big responsibility of taking care of human life of which we proudly honor to serve with our works. Ark-Company target is to continuously progress with this responsibility; aiming to always provide a trustworthy approach to our clients and partners; presenting them with the best services always. We never compromise our principals or ethics and hence providing the best solutions in our field to our investors is our motto eternally. With a young, vibrant and talented team; responsible management, clear vision, satisfied loyal customers; this is Ark-Company success. Special thanks goes out to all our team members, clients and all of you out there supporting and working with us. Your satisfaction is our success.

Best Regards

Saadet Demirdağ


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