In today's economy people invest in things close to them they tend to do especially their homes. The budget of doing this One of the easiest ways to shake is lighting: lighting not only solves a problem of brightness but also It will increase.

For example, a stunning chandelier hanging from the ceiling, with external lighting decorative table that is accentuated, or simply plugged into a wall socket. lamp, the lighting decor to complement the value of your home increases, creates an atmosphere, serves to express your own style. The reason why lighting is the most economical investment for homeowners, it is able to create big changes without major renovation costs. People in their homes as a port fleeing the daily hardships of life They see. Properly thought-out lighting creates a comforting tone.

The lighting is also very functional: a small room is like a large room or make a large room very intimate. Here are a few to choose the right light hint:

  • Consider the size of the room. Showroom bring a picture of the room, if any, or at least its dimensions, it is important for professionals to guide you right.
  • Question what effect you want to get from lighting? The whole room? Do you draw attention to a point in particular, or a To highlight the light effect in the field?
  • Look for quality and mastery in design. Please note that the lighting day in the room it should look as beautiful as when it's lit at night, even when it's off.


There are three basic types of lighting that work together to illuminate your home: General, Task and Emphasis. A good lighting plan, combining these three shapes, function and style, illuminates an area.


General Lighting is the illumination of an area from head to toe. environment general lighting, also known as radiates brightness, keeps the individual's vision high and safe allows you to walk. These chandelier, ceiling or wall fixtures, recessed or rail system lighting and place in your garden can be completed with flashlights. Foundation to replace sunlight Lighting form is general lighting which is important for lighting your home is an essential ...


Task lighting, reading, sewing, cooking, homework, hobbies, games, performing specific tasks such as checking your calendar It happens. It can provide recessed and rail system, pendant lighting. Avoid dazzling and shadows should be bright enough to prevent fatigue.


It creates a visual interest and makes a drama in your room. Decoration scheme accent lighting, which is a part of images, plants, busts and similar to other suitable aesthetic decors provide spot lighting. This system, the texture of your wall, fabric or outdoor architecture place to take care of. Accent lighting, focusing point, it needs three times as much light around the overall lighting. This kind a lighting rail systems, recessed (recessed), or wall sconces It is applied by.


Illuminate a home-office, comfortable, free from harsh contrasts and brightness it would be appropriate to create an environment that does not disturb. Reading, writing and task lighting for computer use, general to illuminate the environment you will need lighting. Highlight objects you value if you wish Can stand out with lighting

NEONEON led fluorescent tube or led panel luminaire, good providing a scattered overall lighting, you need plenty of light to give you will provide. This type of illumination it will also destroy the shadows. Led fluorescent tube fixture for your head right and left by placing the light over your shoulder. you create a working environment without disturbing your eyes. Pictures, maps, professional certificates, or an eye-catching by illuminating the plant with a NEONEON led spotlight You can draw attention to objects. Adjustable desk lamp with additional lighting to the keyboard and desk It will provide. This lamp will not reflect on the computer screen way.


To shave, dress up and make up At level, you will need plenty of light without shade. Small in toilets, mirror lamp will be enough to illuminate the whole place, but for general lighting in large toilets additionally ceiling type led luminaires will also be required.

For small mirrors, decorative led wall lights to be placed on both sides it will brighten both sides of your face equally. On the mirror A led sconce that will be mounted longer will solve your business. Led The light of downlight luminaires is suitable for your toilet It will provide. It is advisable to select warm white light tones in these areas. It is.

Theater type LED spot light bulbs, in your toilet, the famous movie stars You can capture the perfect light that the locker room uses. More enclosed areas such as bathtubs and showers, protected from the ceiling, damp place recessed led spotlights or downlights It can be illuminated. This type of downlights can be used in saunas and jacuzzis.


Outdoor lighting makes your property look more beautiful, it makes it safe and safe, and proliferate

In addition, the investment you make in your home with lighting, evaluating your home it will surely cover this investment. Entrance to a well-lit house, welcomes your guests and shows that you care about them. Both sides You can place outdoor wall led sconces on your home warmly, inviting while providing an image, will ensure the safety of entrants. veranda Underneath or any other ledge, Neoneon led pendant lighting You can choose from the products.

To be placed in the direction where the door lock is located at the rear entrance or side entrances A single garden led sconce will suffice. To save energy, Neoneon led luminaires are enough for outdoor luminaires It will be. For the safety and security of family members using the night garage, You can install a wall led fixture on the front side of the garage. Led luminaires equipped with material, give better light and last longer happen. Also available for outdoor photocells neoneon led work harmoniously in your luminaires self-lighting and extinguishing the first light of the day, long life and energy-saving as well as security while you are away. you will. For added security, every corner of your home in the dark Illuminate with Neoneon led luminaires. Due to low energy expenditure will not force your budget. In addition, in order to save energy, you will mount motion or heat sensitive sensors, only, any when one approaches, it will activate the luminaires. An automatic timer, by controlling some of your outdoor lighting on the other hand for protection can be left lit during the night. Other one of the proven home safety measures is are hours of time. Makes the house busy even when you are not at home. Stairs, roads, and footpaths at night comfortably for all family members and guests should be illuminated so that they can move. led bollard garden luminaires, floor recessed led luminaires or led piled garden The way you walk through the fixtures can be illuminate the flavors. This type of product is easy to install allows you to design your exterior lighting by simply changing locations. place close lighting, determining the boundaries of paths passing by can also be used for. Floors, verandas and terraces romantic your space using strip led or neo flex leds in counters you can turn it into a retreat corner. Branches of a nearby tree spot lighting solution for a different atmosphere barbecue or service areas. choose. For this, a recessed led with high IP next to the roof Place lighting or led spotlights on the bars behind the barbecue Mount type lighting.


Objects on a wall, the wall itself, or any vertical surface. position the rails and luminaires as shown to the right to illuminate them.

  • Usually, the light does not dazzle and on objects to prevent unwanted reflections They should be directed at an angle of 30 degrees. In general, light one armature is used for each object to which it is directed.
  • The distance of the ceiling from the object on the wall ("B" to "C") is Calculate as shown in the table.
  • The distance of the rail system ("A" to "B") from the wall is shown in the table below. You can see.

(Example: If the distance from the center of the table to the ceiling is 1.5 m. system 69 cm from the wall. distance)

A to B Location cm. as

Distance from B to C m. as

33 cm - 0,61 m

51 cm - 0,92 m

69 cm - 1,22 m

87 cm - 1,52 m

104 cm - 1,82 m


On non-tissue surfaces, approximately 2.7mt. rail on ceiling with height 60cm from the wall. to 90cm. distance. 2.7m. with 3.4M. on a ceiling with a height of 90-120 cm from the wall. from need to install. The distance of the luminaires with the distance of the rail from the wall to the same extent.


To create impressive shadows on textured surfaces (stone, brick, fabric, etc.) rail 15-30 cm from the wall. distance, the luminaires are evenly spaced and you can easily move the stripping effect you want You can create.


The most popular lighting in rail system window lighting shape. Metal in showcases where bright lighting is desired Halide products are among the preferred products. Metal Halide Bulbs, bulbs are the closest to the brightness of the sunlight. in the evening to make your products noticed will be illuminated until a normal daylight. Spot effect lighting and halopar bulb products can be preferred. More detailed and Please contact us to make a suitable lighting proceed.

Ray lighting fixtures can also provide general lighting. Turn the luminaires on the wall or illuminate the lighting with the light flowing from the luminaire You can illuminate.


The most frequently asked question about the chandeliers used in the dining room distance to the table. Main light source The overall range should be at a height of 78cm-92cm from the table. use a dimmer to adjust the atmosphere you want Consider. Probably prefer a bright light for family meals You can. For more formal dinners usually soft light is desirable. The size of your room plays a big role in choosing a chandelier. Here is the recommended ratio of the size of the room to the size of the chandelier A few measurements to guide you about.


Chandelier Diameter 3 m.x 3 m

43 cm - 51 cm

3.7 m. x 3.7 m.

52 cm - 66 cm

4.2 m. x 4.2 m.

60 cm - 77 cm

Most people decide that the stalactites they choose in the dining room determine the theme of the room. want. Recessed led lighting (MR16), in addition to the chandelier of your choice, It will give that extra effect if your desk needs to take care of it. Recessed lighting in the corners of the rooms make it look bigger and more spacious It will create. Led sconces service tables and kiosks with chandeliers is a very good solution for brilliantly illuminate. Emphasizing your mirrors led sconces will add depth to your room will make your appearance more valuable.


Since the kitchen is the place where many different works are done, lighting needs to be functional first and then decorative. Good distributed, bright and evenly spaced light sources on the ceiling, it will purify all the shadows in your kitchen. Ceiling lighting illumination of your cabinets will make your job easier. Recessed (recessed) when placing your LED lighting bench and cabinets make sure that The work areas need 'task' lighting. Under the shelf The lighting used is the perfect 'task' lighting. Recessed and LED surface mounted luminaires in your sink, dining table, etc. lighting You can use. Led fluorescent tubes in various 'duty' lighting they can be used, for example counter top. Also used as dining room more decorative lighting can be preferred in kitchens. General Lighting used for lighting with selected decorative for dining area The fact that lighting is a team is important for the appearance of your kitchen It is detail.